Frequently Asked Questions



Do I need to play an instrument to be in music psychotherapy?

You don’t need any prior experience playing music or singing to fully benefit from music psychotherapy. Clients begin therapy with a range from never having sung or played music to being professional musicians.

Why music? Why not just talk?

While talking in therapy can help clients gain insights, using music and other creative media as well can add another layer of understanding about the self and others. Sometimes, music feels safer than words or reaches emotions that words alone cannot, helping clients to access a greater range of expression.

What does a music psychotherapy session entail?

Because sessions are always tailored to the clients’ individual strengths and needs, they can vary greatly. Some possibilities include listening to and discussing favorite songs, using the voice as a mean of connecting to emotions, using instruments to play out roles and identify patterns, creative movement, writing songs, visualization and breathing/relaxation techniques, and talking.

Is music psychotherapy covered by insurance?

Some major insurance companies will reimburse you for all or part of music therapy services. Contact Dr. Harris for more information.